Recent Art Show Photos

Here are some promised photos from the RAW:Unearthed art show I was in this weekend at Harlow’s in Midtown Sacramento…

It was such a gorgeous venue I wish I had more photos of the garden full of my artwork lit up at night!

The craft table!

Too much artwork to properly display!

My advertising turned a few heads...


Eplaining an art piece’s process.

Framed paintings everywhere!

Nathan and I

Such a pretty patio!

Business Cardtini anyone?

Pretty twinkly lights and great friends- it does not get any better!

488 pieces of art later...

One of the poster ads.

Sprained my pinky unloading the artwork! Makeshift splint of duct tape haha!

Here are the photos from the professional photographer they had at the event…

Email if you see anything you like!

Everything here is under $90!


Pictionary Pen Pals

I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been prepping for a big art show on Saturday (I’ll post pictures!) so I’ve been a hermit crab lately. But now I have 488 pieces of artwork finished, packaged and priced!

But, I also haven’t seen my friends & family much because of this show either! Not okay… so I’m sending out some cards and wanted to share this one for fun…

Some background history… My friend Megan Cannon and I are Pictionary geniuses. Not because we’re that smart- but rather we are both the exact same amount of ridiculous. If I believed in the super natural I’d swear we are telepathic. Once I drew a stick figure, colored the face in black and she guessed Morgan Freeman. We won that game like we always do. Our friends don’t let us play on the same team unless we whine loud enough.

Anyways I was missing Megan and wrote her this note… hope it inspires some of you to start playing Pictionary Pen Pals! Enjoy…

If you think you’ve got it figured out leave a comment!

PS I’m itching for a game night now that all of our friends are finally on the Settlers of Catan wagon… Now we just have to introduce them to the rest of our beloved collection of German designer board games!

New Silhouette Trends

Lately I’ve been obsessed with silhouettes and look for them all over!

Here are some I’ve been working on with hand cut stencils and spray paint… and I’ve been having fun with hole punches!

These will all be up for purchase at my RAW art show coming up soon but if you’d like to purchase any of them just email

Breakfast at Tiffany's

For Nathan...

My favorite Disney princess and her prince...

Elphaba (my fat cat's namesake)

Another take on the dinosaur fossils!

Another Wicked silhouette

A pleisiosaur since Nathan is spending 2 years studying these babies!

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face (this one nees to be touched up!)

My first bubble experiment!

Another pleisiosaur with glitter in the background!

Shoes! Oh my God.. Shoes!

Another Elphaba with stars!

Cow Tipping anyone?

Another Audrey Silhouette


These are only the paper versions, there are also tons of canvas and tile silhouettes and some are being covered in resin so they really POP!

More Art for My Upcoming Show!

Here are some more photos of my artwork I’ll have for sale at my art show!


Artwork for My Upcoming Show

I’ve been a hermit crab working away nonstop on tons of artwork for my upcoming show!

There will be lots of artwork that is never before seen (other than by Nathan and our cat Elphaba) and will all be on sale with special promotions only for this show!

Here are some photos of work I’ve done and some that are in the process of being finished! Enjoy!

& P.S.

Here’s the link to buy tickets supporting me!

And here’s the link with all the information:

I'm having fun with silhouettes! These will look a lot better with a resin coating!

From a photo I took in Santorini



Cut outs from a photo I took in Pisa!


A Beautiful Mess

Since I’m preparing for a big art show/sale I’ve been cranking out tons of artwork and packaging/pricing lots of art pulled from the archives (closets) and so- my home is A MESS.

Amidst all this I had two men come to check on our water sprinklers and fire alarms for our condo associations safety check. They asked about my artwork since I’m sure this was one of the stranger condo units they had seen and I apologized for the hurricane that had blown through our place.

One looked around and replied, “Yes, but what a beautiful mess.” and the other said, “Yeah, it seems like there’s an order to the madness.”

They were only here for three minutes but made my day.

My boyfriend Nathan has often looked at the messes I make with wonder and awe. He’s always said it is a mess, but everything has its place and there is a system of mess. He doesn’t always get the system but he knows there is one.  I’m the only one who can clean it because it would take me forever to find anything if he or anyone else ever ‘helped’.

This always makes me think of a card I received from my Tia Silvia (aunt) years ago that I still have somewhere… (Though I will not spend hours digging through memorabilia to put it on this post) It is a cartoon version of Van Gogh’s ‘Bedroon at Arles’ painting with clothes strewn about and basically an artist’s mess all over and it said “What Vincent’s room really looked like”.

Since I was little I’ve been messy, but organized. There has always been an ordered chaos (though my mother wouldn’t let this excuse my messes)… And now though no one is giving me a hard time about my mess (Nathan is a saint) I find it comforting to know that I’m not just lazy- I am simply a part of history with my brethren artists and the messes they created.

So, though I’ve been procrastinating putting our home back in order I’ll put it off and continue creating artwork for a few more days…

After all it is such a beautiful mess…

I'm going through a silhouette phase right now... all original & hand cut stencils though!

Don't know how Nathan puts up with me...

Why we haven't had a dinner party recently...

Where all the spray painting action goes down...


Here’s a favorite of mine from last year… Trying to get it printed and looking like it does on the computer without spending a small fortune!

Hopefully I’ll get this and many others printed asap! I’ll be in a showcase RAW’s Unearthed show in Sacramento at Harlow’s on J St. Saturday April 16th at 7PM!

Tickets art $10 and it will be SO much fun! Cocktail attire and a bar! The second story Momo Lounge will be filled with art as well!

Here’s the web address to buy tickets from me! I need to sell 20 tickets so every one helps! Just make sure you pick Rojo as the artist you’re buying tickets for… Thanks!

PS I’m offering a free caricature card for people who buy tickets from me!

I’ll be selling tons of original paintings and prints with special sales just for this event!